Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Into the Black

The Turkish army responded with an air-supported operation against the fighters in Iraq's northern Qandil mountains, with both airstrikes and soldiers on the ground employed.
‎"You know, I just can't drink whiskey like I used to could. My ole belly just ain't no count. Get the shits every time." - Charlie Rose to Thom Friedman, Rainbow Row, Charleston, SC
'As of now, wide reaching operations, including hot pursuit operations, are continuing in the region within the framework of international law,' Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish prime minister, told a news conference on Wednesday.
Amanpour: What's wrong, Charlie?
Blitzer: Yeah, Charlie, what's wrong? Why aren't you dancing?
Morgan: Yeah, this is your favorite song.
Cooper: These are your favorite thighs.
Amanpour: Charlie, are you okay? Charlie?
Rose: (as though in a trance) Yes... No... I'm fine.
- Scores, Ibiza
Speaking on Turkish television, Erdogan appealed for calm from the Turkish people, and said that it was 'very clear that this terrorist organisation [the PKK] is a piece in the hands of certain powers'. He did not elaborate on who those 'powers' were.
When stronger states invite themselves over to the house of a weaker state without pinging first, Charlie Rose, alone in the void of veiled truth and infinite darkness, puts out his Safe Cig© with the heel of his size 14 1/2 boot, draws a pack of Lucky Strikes© from the inside pocket of his impeccably tailored, though more than slightly wrinkled, double-breasted suit jacket designed by his dear friend Tony Burch©, observes his tired, bent reflection in his Ravenscroft© snifter of Suntory Yamazaki© 18 Year Old Single Malt, and, seated back to void across the table from an empty seat backed by void, longs to be invaded.


  1. Flashing lights. Nine Inch Nails. Oiled thighs. Why does he feel so numb?No... It isn't the coke... It's the void.