Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Heart of Darkness

"It's not racist if it's racism." - Rick Parry

"I don't think I'd put government money into Solyndra but I know everyone who votes for me in the primary will get a free large pepperoni pizza and a bottle of vodka." - Herman Cain, Live at Niggerhead Unplugged

"Coat hangers." - Michele Bachmann
I am limitless flatness. I am West Texas. I am Jean-Baptiste Lully. I am the Branch Davidian. I am Ronald P. Stanton. I am the white glove on the Invisible Hand. I am the Denial of Death. I am Rick Santorum, and I'm running for President.
"A great calm accompanies cessation of belief in oneself, a calm attributable to the removal of the burden of authenticity, of any obstacle to the guilt-free pursuit of one's own material comfort, the abandonment of any meaningful or socially useful enterprise, even of any socially harmful but respectably ambitious enterprise." - Mitt Romney contemplating his last chance, the Bonneville Flats

"Youth is truly over." - Jon Huntsman upon realizing he no longer loves his wife

"I'm talking Hail Mary, end zone shit: gas masks, iodine, canned meat, sodomy." - Ron Paul stumping in an abandoned missile silo

"When I come down on you with the whip the look on your face will be priceless." - Newt Gin Ginch

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