Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mystic Desire of the FLOTUS

"The stars form a great wyrm, with the right frequency, you and I can control it, Ronnie." - Nancy Reagan

"I got the starts!" - Betty Ford

"My life is a psychedelic nightmare, my brain, a laser-light show."- Hillary Clinton, 1998

"I will arm wrestle any of those swine. Organics!" - Michelle Obama explaining Fox News to HM, Buckingham Palace

"Valences of Domestication: human/animal, parent/child, man/woman, city/country, society/id, Eric Clapton/bluespower." - DSM XX

"Every time I try to kill Hitler, Rob Lowe shows up with the whip!" - a time traveling Jimmy Carter to his wife Rosalyn

"There's a bull loose in the park!" - Ron Paul, gored from behind at his son Rand's christening

"Is that Dave Matthews?"
"No, that's Lance Qadaffi."
- Three Louts, Prospect Park

"Jesus Christ, he's got a flail!"
"Yah! Back to the cage, pig men!"
- Tim Pawlenty, Christmas Morning

"Just the USSR Women's Wresting team, please." - Elenore Roosevelt, The UN Cafe, 1948

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