Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Killed Them All

"Hell is all around, Billy." - Brig. Gen. Jimmy Stewart bombing Hamburg

"I'm no hero, but I played one at USC!" - John Wayne, grifter

"I am the Red Baron!"
-A dissipated Errol Flynn, carried off-stage at a War Bond rally

"With the Krauts, it feels like a fair fight. But those Japs... It's like fighting monsters." - Barbara Stanwyck, Hero of Guadalcanal

"Roll the fucking dice!" - Capt. Jimmy Stewart, 14 October 1943

"To prepare for my role, I voted for John Kerry."
- Jake Gyllenhaal on Jarhead

"Poutine! Maple syrup!"
- the last words of Pvt. Justin Bieber, Tripoli, 2015

"There were thousands of them, horrible, blotting out the sky!"
- a malarial Lt. Kelsey Grammar evacuated from Grenada

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