Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celluloid Heroes

“Paint the town red and rename it Hell!” - Mike Bloomberg, Mid-Town Drifter

Hey, why don't we just call it Fucking?” - One of the Editors before being fired from the set of Videodrome

“There's all this praise of Scorcese like he's some big risk taker. If he had any guts he never would have turned down Slope Wagon.” - Angelina Jolie on her dream project, in which a single foster mother finds fulfillment by fighting off an evil hybrid SUV.

“There's far too much emotion, too much love, and concern with maturity in the last few. I'm just over it. I want the next movie to have a real sense of fun and frivolity. Something warm and with a real feeling of openness. You know like an insurance company ad.” - Judd Apatow on his new James Franco film, Subrogation

“If you'd done Purple Rain you could have found redemption with me in Minneapolis. Instead you choose the Wiz, and for that I'll never forgive you.” - Prince to Sidney Lumet

“I am this damn part! You call the shots and think of yourself as some sort of cinematographer, well you're just a hand-holding gimp! Mate, I'm so pissing real I'm the opiate of love.” - A furious Russell Crowe about to strike Steven Soderbergh with his smart phone, set of Biden: Born to the Rails

“I'm really just more of a TV guy.” - Jimmy Fallon, on life

"A drifter doesn't need a woman." - Katherine Hepburn

“Everyone makes a big show of talking about 'range.'” But Reagan could really act. Cary and I use to have a few highballs and just marvel at him. Back then he was the only actor we knew who could do a scene with a chimpanzee and not need to take LSD.” - Angie Dickinson

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