Monday, May 10, 2010

The Shape of Hate

"There's nothing to barricade in Arizona." - Swedish clerical worker in a French HIV/AIDS NGO

"We need documents, not slogans!" - same NGO worker's employer

"It is impossible to contract HIV from a bourgeois!" - Jacob Zuma

"The cliché is true: it hurts to know that your former partner has met some one else before you have. But that's just it, and it's just that: a cliché. I will get over it." - Wallis Simpson

"Loneliness is freedom." - Barack Obama

"You make money to live, you don't live to make money." - as heard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"I don't have time in my life for positive emotions right now: I'm really busy." - rejection text from a financial worker

"Morality is like mathematics: one needs no existential stake in a situation--no need for emotions like sympathy, empathy, or identification--in order to work out its moral arithmetic, although I suppose the former is useful for cultivating the will to execute the conclusions of the latter." - Bill Brennan

"Why don't the same people who loved Avatar also love Somali pirates?" - Roger Ebert

"Eat my mick dick, you fucking faggots." - Oscar Wilde, at his sentencing

"Just because I work for the census doesn't mean I can't start some shit!" - West Village census worker

"It's funny: we fight for oil abroad, and we fight oil at home." - Barack Obama, solitary, chainsmoking by a White House fireplace, wrapped in a warm wool blanket and seated in FDR's wheel chair.

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