Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free Arisman!

The Bangkok Post reports that Thai pop star and "anti-government hardcore member" Arisman Pongruangrong has been arrested Wednesday night. Perhaps not coincidentally, the two Arisman music videos linked to in past entries of this blog were removed today, ostensibly for violation of copyright. You may remember Arisman from his comical/daring escape from the third story of a luxury hotel in April when police pursued him in reprisal for the Redshirts attack on parliament.

Arisman's redshirts made an even more stylish exit from Ratchaprasong, Bangkok's downtown shopping district, by burning it to the ground. Predictably, Western media portrayed this tactical retreat as spontaneous mob violence. The New York Times seems to have forgotten the very words it reported:
The [occupied] area is home to Central World, the second largest shopping complex in Southeast Asia, and to the Grand Hyatt, the Four Seasonsand other luxury hotels. “If they use force to disperse us, we will flatten the entire neighborhood,” said Jatuporn Prompan, one of the protest leaders.

"So great was his narcissism, Thai pop star Arisman Pongruanrong played every role in his elaborate narrative music videos."
- A&E Biography

"Redshirts redblood, redshits redcud!" -Joe Biden

"I won't leave Bangkok till the king renounces me!" - Jimmy Carter

1:06 AM me: "don't you fucking cross this line or i'll burn down this huge disgusting mall!"
1:07 AM Pat: hah this is my dream

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