Monday, May 17, 2010

I will execute the Law!

"Ball!" - Chief Justice John Roberts, Graham v. Florida, entire concurring opinion

"If you want mud you got it!" - Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, dissenting opinion

"Take it from me: I'm a mom." - Michelle Obama

"The master may wear slippers instead of boots, but he's still got his foot on your neck." - Elena Kagen

"In 40 years or sooner I can imagine that a tiger might become the President of these United States." - RFK

"This is real blogging, indecipherably tight knots of allusion!"
- Reza Negarastani

Q: A mentally disabled 17 year old buys a bull that he is told is magic but only on the condition that he loves the bull. If the bull dies on the way to Basra, is the contract enforceable?
A: I need more facts!

Hey Pat,
Are you getting more complacent or am i just a little tipsy.
Either way, i'm into it.


Tina, third row second seat to the left corporate law

"We don't have time to think. We're making money."
- Prof. Edward J. Esche, Dean of Arts and Education,
Middlesex University

"A rising tide sinks all boats." - Ronald Reagan

"I don't have the narcissism to really enjoy hurting others." - Karl Rove

"Obama plays it cooler than cool. Like, he complimented my wife's shoes but shat on her sweater."
- Chris Oynes, Minerals Management Service Associate Director

"Sex is alienation." - Barack Obama

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  1. "If you haven't masturbated to this video, you have no soul..." - Ted Stevens