Monday, February 3, 2014

We Watched the Superbowl

"Why'd I have the spinal fusion?" - Peyton

"Man, everyone is letting Peyton down!" - Father Christmas

"The whites fucked with the wrong defense." - William Tecumseh Richard Sherman

"I should just turn this shit off and watch Mitt. This won't tell me What Happened to the White Race." - Charles Murray

"This will hit the Business Class everywhere in the gut. They managed to profit off Sherman as both Sambo Thug and New Gen Hero but they lost the plot on the marketing of the White Man, their key mission. The Congo is yours but that doesn't mean you start smoking meth on the Hindenburg. This whole thing is so typical of the Doomed Wager of Western political rightists."
"What the fuck are you talking about? You're just using a bunch of words!"
"We're selling more pizza than ever, but that makes winning the actual game impossible!"
-  Papa John explains the Great Game to Joe Montana

"We're raising an entire generation that doesn't even know what States Rights really means!" - Haley Barbour in despair, NCAA Division I Girls Volleyball Committee meeting

"Meanwhile things are fine in Greater Israel." - ScarJo Soda Star

"It's like it's fucking prom night and he can't even get his dick up."
"Does he even have one?"
- Joe Buck and Troy Aikman 

"... and I can do it all while signifying nothing." - Bruno Mars winning final pitch for Superbowl Halftime Show

"These commercials really show that the Sandusky thing is in the past, pederasty is back in football." - Jimmy Johnson

"Nothing is pure! Nothing can simply be what it is! Everything exists only to be reduplicated for the purpose of making money!" - Laurence Fishburne

"Can love save us, Peyton?"
"Nothing can save us."

"Peyton will always be a Top 7 Rich Guy, but he sucks now, yeah."
"He had it coming either way."
- Joe Buck and Troy Aikman 

"Have you ever fucked an osprey?!" - Richard Sherman

"You can saddle a horse but you can't catch a cheetah much less ride one." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"The Pizza Party is over, Whites get to the salad bar."
"But Peyton..."
"Omaha! Dressing!"
- Down times at St. Jude Children's Hospital

"It's over! You owe me a case of Charles Shaw, bud!" - Bill Clinton to Michael Jordan

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