Sunday, February 2, 2014


Hear the shout of the football beast...
"Omaha Bravo Avocado 12!!!"

"You're all killing this team! Makin' plays makin' it!"
"Get this man in the Chamber."

"Why, oh why, do I have to be a hideous football genius?! Why can't I be a normal man!"

"All I can see is fires and devils, coach...."
"Alright get him off the field."

"The whites can fly!"

"Everything I love about this game is gone!" - Tom Brady

"Sack lunch! Dim sum! Protect the farmer! Heal the land! Eat his corn, fried and salted
--perhaps baked!"
- Marketing 

"He wears bear socks."
"We all support America here!"

"Coach, you've insulted my honor. Prepare to die."
- Richard Sherman 

"This isn't a fucking game! Sign the guestbook."

"Football will never again be as pure as it was during the First Gulf War." - Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

"The half time show is inside a cellphone."
"Watch the Super Bowl on your cellphone you desperate fuck!"
-JB and the guys, Half Time Show 

"Tonight we honor Philip Seymour Hoffman." - President Obama, Superbowl Halftime

"Transmissions from above..."

"He's not calling plays, he's speaking in tongues!"

"You can't stop bear socks! Frivolity! Decadence!"

"Peyton Manning isn't human! I gave him my baby to kiss and he threw it into the sun!"

"Football is a pure oligarchy, the only thing at stake in the competition is status and the riches are justly shared among Management." - Owners Meeting

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