Monday, September 3, 2012

It Could All Vanish in an Instant

"If only life went down as smooth as hemlock." - Lebron James for Dr. Pepper

"I'm mad as hell and I'm probably going to keep on taking it." -Barack Obama

"Life is a meritocracy of strength with regular interruptions for Russian roulette." -  Lloyd Blankfein

"I'm going to eat and drink coffee and just hate everything." - Balzac

"I sleep but do not rest. I weep but do not grieve. I wash but am not clean." - Larry Summers

"...ontological poison, ontological acid, ontological cancer..." - from Chris Christie's food journal

"Living well is an intensification of life arising from a contempt for life." - Tony Scott

"The biggest losers are those who care only about winning." - Lance Armstrong

"Humiliation is the motor of hierarchy." - Jeffrey Johnson

"Loneliness is the fabric of the universe."
"No, death is."
- George W. Bush and Erik Prince, night fishing

"Sometimes when I'm shelving books in the library I hear a scream, but no one reacts." - Jorge Luis Borges, Collège de Genève

"One does admire their willingness to die." - Bashard al-Assad

"One lifetime is more than enough." - David Attenborough

"Don't ever let them tell you it was worth it. It was never worth it." - Neil Armstrong

"Why can't I just smash every damn thing?" - Glenn Ford to an autographed picture of himself

"Don't you see, you can't let life win! You've got to beat it at its own game!" - R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company

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