Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have no hate in my heart, I just love money

"New revelations show that Rand Paul was a member of the pop group Hall & Oates for a brief time in the 1980's" - Katie Couric

"Daddy can I help the poor children?"
"Not until you graduate from Harvard, sweetheart."
-Barack and Sasha Obama

"No one hates black men like black women hate black men." - Oprah

"I have never known youth, but God has given you its pleasures and its gifts tenfold so that you may share them--that is His will." - Charlie Rose

"Man, Lady Gaga is really beautiful. I think I'm in love with her." - the Edge

"La Roux also has that whole Sega Genesis thing going on." - ?uestlove

"I want this city to shine like money and purr like an ATM in heat!" - Michael Bloomberg

"Look asshole, I'm from New York." - Rep. Anthony Weiner

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  1. Mayor Bloomberg's favorite Police song is "Walking In Your Footsteps" because it's about dinosaurs.