Saturday, February 14, 2015

Secularization Now, Secularization Forever

“A white man oughta be able to kill whomever he wants over private property, regardless of whether that person is Muslim.” - Bobby Jindal

"Every day in the life of a white person is a hate crime." - Darren Wilson

“They indicted a cop! Okay, it’s over now.” - Democratic Primary Voters

"What I don't get is the man's wife goes on TV, says a few unconvincing, ritualistic words of apology, and then comes to life talking at length about her how her husband’s not prejudiced, just a man of progressive sentiment who champions social justice online and believes everyone is equal and shot three college kids point blank in the head over a park parking spot. I mean what the fuck is that bitch thinking?"
“Nah, look, this is not some deep thing, she’s just a dumb hick woman forced by lawyers to talk to television cameras in a desperate attempt to shore up a manslaughter or insanity plea. It’s not her fault anyone takes her seriously.”
- Brian Williams, throwing a cheesepuff at the television, and Bill Clinton, feeling the pain

"If you have to make this big a deal of saying you’re not a bigot, just a triple murderer, you are clearly a bigot." - Charles Manson

“Yo, I hate to shit on the indignation parade but hate crime laws are a trap, bad in principle because they are a form of mandatory minimum sentencing designed to pack prisons, bad empirically because they have a demonstrated history of being used most often against the very minorities they were ostensibly invented to protect. There are no law enforcement solutions to social and political problems. Only solutions of popular violence and organized Terror." - bandito Paul Krugman

“What do you do with a man like Craig Hicks after he’s done the thing he’s done? It matters very little whether he lives or dies, so, on the one hand, if the victims’ families want vengeance, then kill him, But on the other hand, why bother? That’s the horror of what he did--and also its power. His violence, in its arbitrariness and its gratuitousness, was foundational. It builds a social order, an order in which some live in fear, their lives always already forfeit, and others live secure, always already killers or the beneficiaries of killers. Such violence robs counter-violence of its significance so long as the latter remains merely reactive, particular, and proportionate. Punishing Hicks won’t bring back the dead, and it won’t undo the contribution of Hicks' murders to the perpetuation of white supremacy. The score can never be evened, only overturned, for the greater violence always earns a surplus: legitimacy. Justice, therefore, can only be achieved through excess. Ten of theirs for every one of ours.” - Who would say such a thing? Who would have the courage to believe it?

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