Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Intrastellar: Never Leave Earth

“Somewhere out there, there is another suburb.” - tagline of Interstellar

“Matthew’s character is a kind of everywhiteman.” - Christopher Nolan

“I didn’t write ‘Interstellar,’ it came to me in the night, whispered by the Voice of the Blood.” - Jonathan Nolan

“Fuck leaving earth.” - Bandito Paul Krugman sabotages the Antares rocket

"I just don't get this shit. I was on board for Birdman Returns, Clone Magician, and Louis Vuitton: Inside the Bag but this crap just isn't believable." - A.O. Scott on Interstellar

“This movie asks the age-old question: if Batman were forced to flee his battered and diseased body, would he be able to find a new home in the body of a young and innocent--but sexually fulfilled--woman?”
- unauthorized Jonathan Nolan interview

"Oy I'll take care of your cabbage and wenches and things, while you're on the star lorry!" - Insterstellar wins Academy Award for Best Special FX for Michael Caine

"Everything about this is absolute bird shit, except for the parts where McConaughey acts like he's in other movies and maybe even commercials." - Manohla Dargis

"At least dying on a yacht is noble." - J.C. Chandor

“My goal is to make people forget classical music ever existed.”
- Hans Zimmer

"Only my ego can save celluloid now." - Christopher Nolan to Martin Scorsese at Leonardo DiCaprio's Apollo 13 Party, aboard a jet plunging 20,000 feet in a minute to simulate weightlessness

"Take me with you!" - Scott Brown chasing the party plane as it takes off

"If I divorced my wife I'd do what any father would: kidnap my children and take them to space." - Christopher Nolan to Alec Baldwin

“The universe is real but people aren’t.” - Christopher Nolan, first draft

“Climate change is real and so is the fantasy of escaping it.”
- James Cameron, note on the script

“Yeah, space, hey, listen--do you mind if I film you two fighting?"
- Christopher Nolan to Chastain and Hathaway

“Rockets are phallic symbols.” - Michael Caine, private Space Acting Seminar for Jessica Chastain and Casey Affleck

"It's a cross between a National Geographic Explorer doc and Steven Soderbergh's Solaris." - Christopher Nolan on Space is the Place

“History will not forgive us for mistaking Ann Hathaway for an interesting and important actress.”- Barack Obama, “Farewell to Governance” address

“‘Call of Duty,’ in space, without conflict or action." - Woody Harrelson describes Interstellar behind Matthew's back

"I was briefly entranced, but eventually bored to tears by McConaughey's flirty and comedic romance with the ship's computer. It just didn't service the wider drama of the potential end of humanity. The filmmakers should have followed through on the subplot, as in films like Fool's Gold (2008), and have them conceive an actual child after making love, something so hideous and beyond the pale that they have to love it and raise a truly new future for man." - Armond White

"You can't write that on your check's memo line."
"I'm Christopher Nolan, I can execute anything I fucking conceive."
- Nolan turned away from UBS for drawing cartoon space whale sex

“There is no such thing as ‘intelligence,’ much less that of the artificial kind. ‘Intelligence’ is race, or it is nothing.” - Charles Murray to Charles Rose, the Beauchamp Gardens Rose Garden

“Caine for Willis and Hathaway for Tyler I get. But stone-faced Matthew McConaughey? Young Ben Affleck's working class innocence and puppy dog charm better fit the role. Nolan's remake has transformed the joyful insouciance of the original into a self-serious apocalyptic myth, and he so lacks any sensibility for storytelling that he must raise the stakes of every decision to the epochal and metaphysical to give his films purpose. If Armageddon was for teenage boys, Interstellar is for college freshman deciding they definitely want to major in philosophy.” - Michael Bay finds his Voice at The Convention for Larger Televisions

“I am the tears welling in McConaughey's eyes, I am the fire bursting from the shuttle's engines, I am the dust storm and the child choking in the dust, my soul is a song sung by the cinema and Christopher Nolan is my mother. I am reborn!” - IMDB user TheRealAlGore

“Fuck space.” - Paul Thomas Anderson

"I can't believe people jog and talk at the same time. Vile." - Rust Cohle leaves for outer space

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