Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm William Petersen, Who The Fuck Are You?

"I want the hardest man in Hollywood, William Petersen."

"Petersen is the Elliot Gould of the 1980's: two movies, he's a genius, the sexiest man alive! We want you to be the new face of our Bourbon!"

"I'm the Nastassja Kinski of men." - William Petersen

"He used to call me in the middle of the night and whisper into the receiver, 'All glory is fleeting...'" - Rob Lowe

"A cop is like a leopard, he moves on instinct, if the doe or the buffalo should fall under his rage, can we say that the Will of the Jungle was not fulfilled?" - William Petersen to a smirking William Friedkin

"Believe it or not, To Live and Die in LA was originally about male ballet dancers." - William Petersen and Willem Dafoe, Anniversary Roundtable

"I don't see color, only heat." - William Petersen on community policing

"Tuition is high at the William Petersen Night School for Aspiring Badasses but worth it for the jeans alone!"

“Acting? I’m into self-animation.” - William Petersen

"I think I have an ulcer."
"My god, the psychic creating the material, you're practically a demiurge!”
- Tom Noonan, William Petersen

"After Manhunter, I’d never again make a film with an actor who could defeat me in single combat." - Michael Mann

"I'd love to get my cop hands on him again." - William Petersen

“He walked off Blade Runner because there wasn’t enough neon.” - Ridley Scott

"The only reason William Petersen didn't take more roles is because he trained for 10 years as a forensic pathologist in order to prepare for CSI."

"Yeah I'm a cop… I'm a damn good cop!!!" - William Petersen to his cats

"My analyst looks like Brian Cox, am I a sociopath?" - William Petersen
"I love her, doc..."
"Then eat her!"
"I would." - Willem Dafoe
"You want justice, fuck a judge." - William Petersen

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