Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What Wouldn't Adorno Do?

"'Good television' is the nadir of civilization." - Adorno

"How will the white flesh escape harm this week?" - the American filmgoer

“Used to be you had to see how bad life was for yourself. Now we've got the pictures." - Cary Grant burying a whore's body

"Bad as they are, we should really give movies more credit for not being television." - Lena Dunham

"One day I'll be an auteur and everyone will know my talent." - Brian DePalma to no one

"I walked out of a screening of Zardoz because the audience was being disrespectful." - Frederic Jameson

"Your bird there, why, she's very unusual."
"Yeah, from the islands! Haw haw haw!"
- Michael Caine and Albert Finney

"God, those tits are awesome, man." - Michelangelo to Boticelli

"It looks like we almost get to see Jennifer Lawrence's breasts in this movie!" - the Maxim reader discovers an ad for American Hustle 

"The murder of Reeva Steenkamp is the truth of the lad's mag." - FHM

"A white man hitting his wife: now that's theater!" - Modernists 

"Actually, I think of my works as comedies." - Strindberg strangling his wife

"To picture evil, make an evil picture." - Koji Wakamatsu

"What makes diners so sacred is that all the cooking is done by men. It's like Lawrence of Arabia." - Bill Clinton 

"Man, this race music is hot!" - Macca

"I don't know it's a little lavish..."
"Aww bitch, money and drugs are always close at hand!"
- Sen. Howard Baker and Elton John, Atlanta Hilton 1973

"I'm afraid my Sega Genesis has come to life and wants to kill me." - Thom Yorke

"I did the soundtrack to all the Sonic games!" - Herbie Hancock

“I’m inside the jazz!” - Rahsaan Roland Kirk

“Chiming ATM’s have more fun.” – Brian Eno, the Danny Boyle of sound

“Nothing should make life more bearable.”
“Nothing should make life more bearable.”
– Adorno and Cioran deciding whether to destroy Eno’s entire discography or just everything since 1976

"I invented Daft Punk, man." - Neil Young drinks pure surgar cane ethanol while discussing Trans at an unlisted Tech Retreat, Marin County

"Nothing should ever be this damn smooth." - Adorno casts a copy of Coltrane and Hartman into the fireplace

"Not a just job. Just a job." - from Jean-Luc Godard's commercial for Volvo Dynamic Steering

"I'm so lost." - Jim Carey

"Be extremely handsome and try very hard." - Michael Fassbender on how to be an actor

“George. George, what is it.”
“I just want it to mean something.”
“What do you mean?”
“My life. This place. Other people. I don’t know.”
- George Clooney, staring off into space in South Sudan

“Protect the crop!” - Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar fights off meth zombies at the Bedtime for Bonzo Memorial Marihuana Gardens, Bohemian Grove

"I've discovered that the venomous species of spiders speak a more refined and entirely distinct speech from the non-venomous variety." - Van Gogh very loudly as he and Gaugin lie down to sleep, the apartment

"If I had known that all of Western Marxism would one day be nothing but a means to extend the consumption of commodities under the guise of critiquing them, I would have stuck to composing music no one listens to." - Adorno

"Why paint a picture when to drink is so much sweeter?" - Peter O'Toole

“In defeat, serenity.” - the Left

"Don't be a hick." - Stalin

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