Saturday, December 17, 2011

This Goddam Horse is Made for War

"Symbolism is important m'boy, but so is glue!." - First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill

"What if the War Horse fucked like a War Criminal?" - Steven Spielberg to an incredulous John Williams

"I don't see the fuss over an old horse, I saw plenty of them as I passed the ladies powder room." - that delightful fop Noel Coward

"Why won't you let me regress?!" - Steven Spielberg grabbing his Analyst by the throat

"Well it may not be the hip thing to say, but I think animals running in war is glorious." - Rick Parry

"Snowy, these people are inferior!" - Tintin in the Congo with a disapproving Snowy

"No oats, no war, no more fun." - The War Horse leaping from the HMS Hope, Atlantic Ocean, 1919


  1. “People say Spielberg makes kids movies, but, you know what? Kids like puppets. Spielberg is a pornographer.” – Roger Ebert

  2. "War horse ain't half bad with a little mustard gas." -- Major D. MacArthur of the Rainbow Division (1917)