Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bad News

"I am the Actuary of all I Behold!" - Angela Merkel

"How bout ten fucking thousand, you hick?!"
- Willard Romney to Rick Parry
Iran Downs Drone*
"My moustache still grows blonde." - New Gin Ginch

"If I was a horse, I'd fight in a war." - Steven Spielberg
Drone Downs Wedding Party
"You only live once, but you die a thousand times."
- National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012

"She thought about what she would have been in a different time. The horrible fate of the most beautiful woman in the village. Assuming she were not sold into slavery, she could escape the indentured servitude of domesticity only by way of agonizing publicity, her whole life spent resignedly catering to the pleasures of men, all sense of self externalized in their gaze, unable to touch herself except through the calloused, grasping hands of a peasant. It takes remarkable fortitude for a beautiful woman to be able to think past the next meal under such conditions." - Condaleeza Rice, No Higher Honor

“You can develop a machine, and you can move the mud, but the mud wins.” – Barack Obama

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