Thursday, September 23, 2010

Young acolytes are my girls' best customers

"I can't see why I wouldn't, but, you know, why do people shit instead of gutting themselves?" - Larry Summers

"I was under the impression that no French person took part in World War II." - Pat Buchanan

"I don't know this country anymore. It's no longer a socialist nightmare. It's a socialist's nightmare." - Fredrik Reinfeldt

"Ah, fall begins, as it always does, with a luxurious mental depression." - the Editors.

"I love getting money from corporations. It makes me want to do my job." - Nelson Mandela

"Capitalism > nationalism." - Robert Gibbs

"Man, like, what if I grew up and I'm just like my parents!" - Richard Milhous Nixon

"Academia is a zoo where the animals go to look at each other." - William Ayers

"I found out today that when my hair finally all falls out I'll be able to turn invisible." - the Editors

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