Thursday, September 23, 2010

"My President's a Winner"

"I can quote Born in The USA on the trail because I fucking ghostwrote half of it, so shut the fuck up." -Pres Reagan to Sam Donaldson, New Hampshire, 1984

Q: What does that picture even mean? A: Nothing, we need more free association these days, things have gotten too thematic; fewer quotes, less sense, that's the model! -The Editors

"You see once the Chinamen and the Yankee link via the transcontinental railroad because of the California gold, eventually the basic model won't be Capitalism. No gentleman: it'll be Desire itself. -Karl Marx to his skiffle group, The Mine Canaries, 1852

"In his 4th term Emperor Lincoln deemed that the slaves of South America would be free and sent an iron fleet of 800 metal ships that could then walk mechanically on land like the devil's spiders." Sean Wilentz, in What Horrible Modernity!: History as Written at Princeton (2015)

"Put your head there on my lap girl." -President Abraham Lincoln to a Younger Victoria

"You get me some goddamn speed or I'll pull this gun out of my desk and open up on the next damn tour group." - Pres. Kennedy to his Staff 1962

"Temperance forever!" - Pres. Harding toasting at a Harlem rent party, 1922

"He made love like a vicious spider." - Madonna on Pres. George H.W. Bush, 1990

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