Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ginch Fever

"Blood from your penis! Snakes from my vagina!" - Margaret Thatcher

"My tongue is on fire and my balls feel like lead." - George Clooney, Escape from Manila

"Michael Winslow is a tragic figure." - Michael Winslow

"Do they fear the sea or the foam?" - Barack Obama on the Congressional Black Caucus

"I'm sure there are a lot of lovely people there, I met a few when I visited, but I fucking hate that place." - Adam Sandler on Israel

"Hell yes I smoke every damn day! -Elena Kagan after meeting with Sen. Jeff Sessions

"Like dogs in a bowl of dicks, swimming around, gladhanding." - Lula on meeting with the International Olympic Committee

"Sex is rape." - Bill Clinton

"Why, you're just a goddam ape with a crown made of shit!" - Thomas Hobbes

"I remember walking up to that damn restaurant in Harlem in the rain at night god it took forever and I was sweating under my coat the rubber was wet and the cement was wet and the whole damn city was wet wet like an octopus or a woman tentacles around your neck and it felt kind of dangerous and it felt kind of good and it was all I could do to choke it back swallow it down and not fall in." - Elliot Spitzer

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