Wednesday, March 24, 2010

...things that do not interest me and their opposites

"20 Jan 1997:

almost didn't get a chance to write today on account of the holiday. thinking a lot lately about what do i REALLY want? thought this would help:

things that do not interest me and their opposites:

home ownership / apartment rental; biological children / adoption; marriage / camaraderie; the continuation of American political military and economic hegemony / leadership by example; waged labor / lassitude; tort reform / justice; freedom to choose my healthcare provider / provision of healthcare along the same lines as utilities; deportation or preventing entry of illegal immigrants / creating the conditions where people are not compelled to escape their country; prison / decriminalization; marijuana / sharpness of mind; sex / art; happiness / purpose; free markets / fair markets; The Democratic Party / equality; nationalism / globalism; electronic gadgets / books; television / cinema; identity politics / universalism; the potential of the internet to do anything good / rational thought; religion / art; tarantino / kiarostami; pop / jazz; jazz guitar / coltrane; yoga / boxing; secular humanism / superhumanism; theater / literature; humanitarian aid / fair trade; teach for america / education reform; peace corps / democratic development; preserving current high salaries for doctors / state funding of medical school; political art / good art; health / intensity; suburbs / cities; moralism / nihilism; self-interest / egalitarianism; productive society / beautiful society."

- from the diary of Illinois State Senator Barack Hussein Obama II of the 13th District

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  1. Happiness, nihilism, and the Democratic Party are one thing, but Jazz Guitar? Mr. President!