Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bartlett's Famillial Quotations

If it feels good it must be right!
- citizens of Massachusetts

It feels sort of strange when they suck your toes at first, but then you begin to like it, and miss it when it's not there...
– Lawrence Summers

Mommy, can I have some more chocolate milk? - Clarence Thomas

Keep building your condos, asshole, kiss your country goodbye.
- Joe Biden

Ted was the last politician we could trust. – Bill Ayers

To kill a monster you must become it. - Barbara Bush

Participation is poverty. - (p)resident Harold Ford, Jr.

Well Wilbur, if we incorporated the principles of a birds wing, and stretched the skins of forty natives over the frame, we just might be able to get this thing off of the ground. – Orville Wright

You see, what really interests me is the chance to function as an object of abuse and sexual desire of a Man twice my age, a prop in the story of His personal rejuvenation. - Greta Gerwig/Maggie Gyllenhaal

I can think of no better proof of the People's lack of ability to rule themselves than the success of Avatar. - Gov. Phil Bredesen

I am Homo aestheticus! - Nicolas Cage

I am the sea foam on a cresting wave of stimulants! – Charlie Rose
Please, Sr. Rose, get down off of the table! - Javier Bardem

We did it!* - House Democrats

Once I washed with a sponge, but now I'm content to use a smooth stone. - Bart Stupak

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