Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Evan: you can't hate on that new michael cera movie?
i sure can

me: lol

Evan: damn what hot tub garbage

me: i'm not saying i can't hate onit
i'm saying it appealed to me

Evan: making fun of your last movie with your new movie does not a right make
it APPEALS to you?

me: hahaha
viscerally, i liked the flying colors and found it funny!
goddam you!
Sent at 6:59 PM on Tuesday

Evan: flying colors
'oh that was a neat idea'
that attitude is why everyone thinks fantastic mr. fox was 'pretty good actually'
Sent at 7:02 PM on Tuesday
Evan: and then calling these people autistic makes you some kind of villain

me: haha
fine you're right
thank god you called me out
Sent at 7:03 PM on Tuesday

Evan: no man you're right
criticizing EVERYTHING is sophomoric
you found the right thing to let slide
Sent at 7:05 PM on Tuesday


  1. "-SWEET LAMB ON CHERRY HILL LIE DOWN BEFORE MAN! Mr. Brel... keep crooning! Gus Grissom isn't on the moon yet.. APOLLO I approach the podium, your're ready for ignition til CUTOUT...Ha! Don't mean to put you in the HOT SEAT! Witches?..Witches! The Pine-Pitch Aether! ...The yaw control was whacky but, assuringly, it's in Surer hands! One nation. One Anthem. Sferics..Yeah.

    -David! Aw, c'mon! Get down, man! David, this ain't L.A.! Aw, shit!"

    --Live Concert, Nanjing, Station to Station Tour