Monday, November 30, 2009

Goddamn a Man Can't Even Eat a French Dip without Spilling Au Jus onto His iPhone Killing It Goddamn

((this conversation took place shortly thereafter))

I'll kill all of you...
til the break of dawn!!!!
Sent at 10:34 PM on Monday

me: haha
goddammit my phone is fucked

Patrick: nandaio!

me: spilled a little bit of water [sic*actually it really was au jus. I can admit that now*] and it showed some bad signs

Patrick: yeesh yeah these things are disappointingly fragile

me: i ripped it apart to dry it off

Patrick: hmm opening it up might not be good mojo
it may void your warranty

me: nah it's fine
they can't tell

Patrick: there are places in NYC which can fix these evil phones though besides mac

me: plus there is no goddamn warranty
yeah good call i shouldnt go to apple
that'd be like telling your teacher you ran over your neighbor's kid

Patrick: there was some place in midtown i heard was good
me: what place?

Patrick: hahaha
put that on the blog oy

me: ha there's no goddamn context!
the blog needs fucking context!!

Patrick: hahah
what context should we provide?

me: i dunno man i'm all shook up
i just lost some money and they tell me that's a bad thing in this world

Patrick: hahahaha
Sent at 10:41 PM on Monday

me: well i'll blog the conversation then

Patrick: haha very good
feel free to edit it at will

me: doing it
Sent at 11:13 PM on Monday
me: ha i just made one correction to it
Sent at 11:20 PM on Monday

Patrick: haha
me: pretty dumb but
i mean, it's an audience of pat, right?

Patrick: nah nah both of my roommates, my friend ryan, and my friend billy are regular readers

me: oh cool

Patrick: my friends like our stuff, your minaret articles were a big hit

me: ha

Patrick: i've also gotten some good feedback about how the blog is a weird mixture of 'serious' longer pieces and short haiku's of hate
though some context might indeed be good
man you should add all this to the entry
only edit it to make me sound even more fatuous and awful
"i'm a really good writer"

me: hahah

Patrick: that's why i liked your minaret photo so much, no hate is complete without self-hate
Sent at 11:31 PM on Monday

me: what do you mean the photo?
the second post?

Patrick: no of you at the statue with that scowl on your face

me: haha yeah
Sent at 11:33 PM on Monday
me: ha maybe i should put all of this in
Sent at 11:34 PM on Monday

Patrick: i think that's probably a great idea
Sent at 11:50 PM on Monday

me: ok i'm doing it

Patrick: haha all right

me: any last thoughts you want to include?

Patrick: nah do your worst
Sent at 11:53 PM on Monday

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