Monday, January 12, 2015

The Next Republic

“Is there anything more moving than the sight of global elites wielding their power as one? They are like beautiful animals...” - Ross Douthat

"Today we can truly say: France exists." - CNN

“Today we are, reluctantly, all French.” - David Cameron

“I am Chelsea Manning.” - Barack Obama

“Je suis Charlie.” - de Gaulle

“Moral horror always masks hypocrisy. Hatred, at least, is honest.”
- Marine Le Pen

"Let's be real: we all totally and justifiably blame Islam for this."
- George Packer to Bill Maher, Hot Tub Sex Machine

"Next they will come for my hair!" - BHL

“Let’s not lose sight of what’s really important in the Hebdo affair: critiquing the social media presence of white liberals in America.”
- Left Command

“Before you dismiss these cartoons as merely inflammatory, you should understand their place in the incredibly rich and nuanced tradition of French racism.” - Charles Murray

"Comedy is the solicitation of consent." - Charlie Hebdo

“It’s a kind of Handmaid’s Tale for white men.” - Michel Houellebecq

“I may not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to symbolically denigrate the Algerian underclass.”
- Voltaire

“The concept of freedom of speech is particularly unsuited to cartoons since these are beneath speech: literate grunting, drool-patterns smeared onto the page, moans of malice or lust which cannot escape the self-indulgent juvenility of their origin. Cartoons are a plant-medium for plant-people, and enlightenment would be to ban them all.” - Plato,

“What greater ecstasy could there be than marching side by side with the police?” - Bill deBlasio

"What does this great march, bringing together people of all races, colors, and creeds in an incoherent storm of political affect, a swirling mass united only by its contradictions, signify but the enduring, obscure, ineffable power of the Nation?" - Éric Zemmour

"Nationalism is the magical mirror that reflects all narcissisms as they wish to be seen." - Marianne

“Everyone thinks the Nation will save them, but there is no escape from other people.” - Gerard Depardieu, Adieu au langage 2ème partie: Koni’s Revenge

"If only I could be a part of something like this." - Putin, wistfully to the Soviet-era cathode ray tube television he keeps for special occasions

“Why is it only a ‘tragedy’ when it’s white people who die?”
”Because only for them could it have been different.”
- Bill Bratton sits PO Daniel Pantaleo down for the talk

“We love the Jews for the same reason we used to hate them: to prove how French we are.” - Manuel Valls

"I look out and I see a nation of people with one face this day. In the face of this outrage we will come out as one. Fuck you Piketty, not taking the Legion. Our gallant men of arms killed the dogs and we show this fine tradition of it forever, and that is Europe."
- François Hollande

"Why do we have twenty fingers and toes? Because there are 24 hours in a day and your family eats four of them." - Sarkozy at home

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