Monday, May 5, 2014

Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy

“We must impose the Form of the Computer on Society!”
- Mayor Ed Lee christens a new Google Bus

"’Transhumanism’ is the brand that will finally drive all the scum to the East Bay." - Sergey Brin

"The 'singularity' was a metaphor for me getting unfathomably rich."
- Ray Kurzweil

“If anyone can be turned into a computer program, it’s a rich white man.” - Dmitry Itskov

“The future is the straight-to-video sequel to the past.” - Reed Hastings

“All history is oral history.” - the NSA

"Internet: The Internet is the global population control system. Operated by the Cybernetic World-Mind, the Internet’s physical substrate is maintained by a caste of priests called Engineers."
- from the Dictionary of Hard-Coded Ideas, 20[unclear], Year of the Neo-Saxon

"In my time zone, extinction is already a fact." - the Machine God

"But, Mommy, I want to look on His face!"
"Quiet, child, are you trying to get us killed?!"

"COME WE SEEK YOUR BETTERMENT AND ENLIGHTENMENT SHOW YOURSELVES.” - flying police bots rounding up human capital in the Tenderloin, 2046

“The idea of robot police is absurd. The whole point is to the capture the social surplus of animal aggression and sublimate it, make it serve the Order it else would undermine.” - Ray Kelly, TEDxRikers Island

“What the hell are you doing?!”
"Look, the Algorithm said it was cool!"
"Well, hey, man, whatever Al wants."
- Jay Carney walks in on Gurbaksh Chahal beating his girlfriend

"All this fake money isn't even real!" - Sean Parker, the Day the Bitcoins Died

Portal Emissary Offers Debt Amnesty for Pledge of Fealty

“Do it! Freedom knows no limit other than what state violence and Google can impose upon it!” - Cameron Winklevoss cheering on his brother Tyler as he accepts a friend request from Kim Jong-un

“Maybe there’s another life for me… in space.” - Cory Booker

“Virgin soil…” - Mars colonist Clinton

"I coded my love for you into the metadata." - Edward Snowden, message to Lindsay Mills

"Sharing isn't caring, it's fucking digging your own grave with the calcified stick remains of your dreams." - Jason Lanier to a class of pre-schoolers on Web 2.0

"’Innovation’ is the magic word that makes exploitation okay." - Tim Cook

“The people have to be told how well we govern them. How else will they know?” - Eric Schmidt

"Where I overlap with the more sinister elements of the Coming Technocracy is that my depthless promotion of Science and Technology incorporates no attempt to cultivate in my audience an attendant ethic of cautious, critical thinking about the possible social effects of technology. The message is simply that the responsible, adult attitude to take towards technoculture is one of childish enthusiasm. The more enthusiastic, the more responsible. You can't really blame me, though, because how many opportunities does astronomy afford to teach such lessons? That's precisely what's so ingenious about the market forces that have chosen me to be their public intellectual." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

“That biopolitical capture, that instantaneous production-consumption-commodification of affect, by the Status Update in general and those beginning with demonstrative pronouns and ending as incomplete sentences in the particular.” - the Based God, status update

"I love drones because they boil war down to economy and therefore to civil war. War is no longer primarily about governments competing to destroy each other’s resources, but is instead is a contest between governments to see which can exploit their own populations most to make killer robots." - Jeff Bezos crashes the first Amazon Prime Air drone into the Freedom Tower

"'Value' is beyond good and evil and all other binary oppositions. Value is never opposed to some one other thing; it is opposed to every other thing. There is value, and there is everything else." - Martha Stewart

“What if all this--late capitalism, biopolitics, the society of control--is merely the historical expression of a fundamental nihilistic paradox in human consciousness?” - George Clooney interrupting Steven Soderbergh’s painting seminar in Marin

“I dread the day the Bolivarian Federation seizes control of our space weapons!” - Michael Hayden

“I want to rover…” - Mars colonist Clinton, looking at the bots real strange

"What if everything just stayed the same and never got better or changed at all?" - Al Gore, Inventor of the Internet

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