Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Open Your Mouth For Destiny

"As they say in Italy these days, it is time to put on the white gloves." - Eric Holder

"I think this is perhaps the most important Slave Code case that this court has heard in decades." - Samuel Alito

"This is the only way to save the White Race!" - Charles Murray, from the gallery

"This case isn't about property."
"Oh, sorry I meant to say liberty."
- Anthony Kennedy, Sonia Sotomayor

"I don't spit for free." - Elena Kagen

"Everyone knows that the way to get to the boss is to roll his capos and whores. Human genomes are so many pins, counselor." - C.J. Roberts, oral argument

"Can you imagine some damn commoner putting his hands in your mouth?!" - Anthony Scalia

"Nino is a flamboyant barbarian, but, man, it's fun to be friends with a real honest-to-goodness white ethnic!" - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"Wow, this guy is smart!"
"No, but stupid loves itself."
- Charlie Rose and an intern on Scalia
Justice Scalia Retires to Colonial Williamsburg
"The DNA of every black man in the country shall be collected into a single serum, and I shall drink the serum." - Clarence Thomas

"This may surprise you, but I don't think we really need DNA sniffers. Racism works just fine." - Ray Kelly

"Aren't you excited?"
"Objectivity and efficiency aren't exciting, nothing will ever make me as happy as the 1968 Democratic Convention."
- Reporter and Cop

"I'll never be safe!" - Dan Rather gurgling vodka

"Whoever is against this ruling is against the future, a glittering world of obsidian skies, cloud consciousness, insta-death, sexual automation!" - Robert Mueller passes out from excessive blood flow to his Control Boner

"Big Data will never be free if we continue to allow individuals to stand in its way." - Eric Schmidt, amicus brief

"I'm fine with this as long as it doesn't apply to military sex crimes, that's for the Chain of Command to decide." - Lindsey Graham

"It seems no matter how dire the times, throughout human history someone is having a great time of it all." - fmr. Justice John Paul Stevens drinking with Jon Hamm, Ft. Lauderdale

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