Friday, July 16, 2010

This concerns everyone

The Sun is setting in the West and rising in the East.

It is time for new adventures, to set out to new places, people, and things.

Move, move, move, before it is too late, before
you become yourself.

To stay on the crest of the wave, on the cusp of opportunity--"To know what comes next--that is the art of being a Frenchman."-- How to free your self from yourself, without enslaving yourself or merely rendering yourself up too much to another thing?

Rationalize everything--except your body.

I am running on empty. It is time to refill.

For the first time in along time, I want to live. How can I make this moment last--not as a Feeling, but as an Idea?

If you live for Ideas, you may be lucky enough to experience that Feeling a few more times. And if not, then at least you tried.

"Virtue is its own reward."--a maxim sorely misunderstood. What it really means is:
"Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

-- from the diary of Barack Hussein Obama II, May 1988

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