Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clench your teeth and kill the poor

"Yes means yes." - Olivia Munn

"Really? Another skinny white bitch? Another disposable blonde? But no. The problem is not Lady Gaga. She knows what she is--she has probably written a term paper about it. The problem is you."
- Simon Cowell

"Fight them? Can you fight the wind?" - Dmitri Medvedev on FIFA
Hardtalk: How is it that a man who is so fat can be so slippery?

Chavez: When he has History on his side, Stephen.
"The whole of Pink Floyd, what they tried and failed to do, is in "Good Morning". You could listen to The Wall, or us in two minutes."
- John Lennon, 1991

"There is but one thought that haunts my days and keeps sweet repose forever at bay: that I have not gone far enough."
- William Tecumseh Sherman

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