Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Soviet Mind Game

"To write a book that would inspire others (and only others) to violence: this is the dream of every intellectual." - Leo Strauss

"Economics is 'science'." - Joseph Schumpeter

"Similar minds think alike." - Solath Sar

"The Revolution was never the same for me after CCR broke up." -Fidel Castro

"Bill Gates is the Leopold II of our time." - Thomas Penfield Jackson

"In LA you can make a living but never catch a break; in New York you can catch a break but never make a living." - Stephen Baldwin

"I'm going to leverage this syphilis into something really crazy!" - Nietzsche

"Carla is perfect for Nicolas: she is to French music what he is to French politics: the triumph of America." - Villepin

"What Ségolène has going for her over Aubry is that she's a sort of a traditional French woman, by which I mean, she's gorgeous, really just terribly attractive." - Nicolas Sarkozy

"I have nothing left to give you except what you would ask of me." - Carla Bruni

"Finding some one who will love you more than you will ever have to love them: that is true love." - Michelle Obama

"This is the best class project ever!" - Lady Gaga

"Mod summer of '66 forever!" - Richard Branson

"Swallow the razor and all your dreams will come true!"
- unnamed Goldman Sachs executive

"Prepare the battle wheel chair."
"Sir it hasn't been tested."
"Damn you, Einstein, I am ready!"
- from the archives of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

"I welcome their hatred." - Obama

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