Monday, April 22, 2013

Executive Privilege

"Old Hickory won't stop me, hahah!" - Sen. John C. Calhoun, ripping open a slave girl's bodice
"Senator Calhoun... I'll kill you all." - President Jackson

"I must destroy the Republic to save it." - Aaron Burr

"I only fuck in the steam room. When I do It, I think I should feel as though I could die at any moment." - Theodore Roosevelt to a stable of ponies

"Mastery of Death is nothing compared to the Power of the Screen, young lady." - Ronald Reagan to a visiting and frightened Gene Wilder

"I think if we sell this right, you shitheads, we may be able to steal half of Mexico." - James K. Polk rallies the Cabinet

"If I die, democracy dies with me." - William Henry Harrison

"Sometimes I'd make it in my hand and smear it on the wall of the Oval Office." - Jack Kennedy

"Nothing scares me more than Japs or Jews." - Harry Truman

"If you ride anything just hard enough, you'll be its Master." - LBJ

"Deep down, I believe people are good, Haldeman, I know it." - Richard Nixon

"Changing the smoking age to 21 in our City will be a major victory in our continuing war on tobacco use and at-risk youths." - Bloomberg

"I hate the smell of menthol." - Georgina Bloomberg

"Once those fucking Democrat-Republicans get in this whole shit house is going to fall apart." - George Washington privately to John Adams

"General Jackson we're surrounded by them, what in the name of the Heavens shall we do?!"
"Stand fast. Kill them all."
- Andrew Jackson, Battle of New Orleans

 "I like most people when I pretend they are dogs." - Abraham Lincoln

"Does any maid have hair so fine as this noble creature's aureate mane?" - T.R.

"A pull on the grog jar and a fuck on a rollicking boat on the Mississppi is what every man deserves! Haw Haw Haw!" - FDR rollin'

"Patronage and Internal Improvements forever!" - Martin Van Buren

"Only in the reflected firelight of the paint brush does man see his illusory vision." - George W. Bush

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