Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Decade in Hate, or, Reasons Why America and Americans Deserve Everything They Have Coming To Them

A partner series consisting of empirical evidence why our decadent and cruel empire, for quite logically explainable and rationally apprehensible reasons, deserves everything it has coming to it.

NYTimes reports that 107 people have died while being detained in American immigration detention centers. Many of these centers are privately run, that is to say, run by private enterprises whose guiding and primary concerns are the making of profit rather than ensuring the course of justice accordance with due process of the law in international standards of human rights. Many of the people held in these facilities have not been convicted of any crime, and many are not even clearly illegal immigrants but are in the midst of legal procedures that would determine their immigration status. The deaths have usually as resulted from neglect and abuse, and the report shows that both government and private entities made extensive efforts to cover the circumstances of many of these deaths.

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