Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Quotes

"Truly the people are sovereign, but I am their father and their lover." - Hugo Chavez

“If a housewife were given a literary work of art to rearrange, the end result would be a dictionary.” – Jean Cocteau (real quote)

"No, I think that's Don Cheadle you're thinking of." - Don Cheadle

"What frightens me most about myself is that if I ever came to know some troubled young, Muslim man, and discovered that, in his seemingly quiet despair, he was planning and would soon execute an act of mass murder, I would probably do nothing to stop it." - Peter Beinart

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  1. I like the night life baby!- Silvio Burlusconi

    You know I've been with alot of women alright, but no one moves like a lizard woman. -Ben Nelson D-NE