Monday, February 18, 2013

The Way We Kill Today

 “We are the conflagration we’re looking for.” - Christopher Dorner

"He was a kind of public intellectual of the deed." - Charlie Rose

"He died consumed by light, a light that must never go out, that must be guarded, generation after generation, to show us the way to freedom." - Ted Nugent, Hate of the Union Address

"It was not on purpose. We didn't intentionally burn down that cabin to get Mr. Dorner out. We merely shot things that cause fires into the cabin." - San Bernardino Sheriff John McMahon

"It's like a bad dream from which we cannot Wacop." - Janet Reno

"What's really disturbing is truther types who insist he's innocent. That is an insult to the dead, to the criminal, and to the crime." - Mike Davis

"God, I hope he gets away with it." - Al Gore, on first hearing of Chris Dorner

"Real criminals always get away with it." - Dick Cheney

"One does not try to 'get away with' a true crime." - Rahm Emmanuel

“It’s not worth getting away with.” – Lawrence Summers sipping blood from a skull on a white sand beach in Hawaii

Fields of dust and ash
Wild horses wearing gas masks
Perpetual dusk

Heavenly structures
A black sun that never sets
Ashfall on rare earth

Something on the horizon
It’s coming this way
There is no escape

- Kim Jung-on, "Three Haikus for Post-Mongolia, 2078"

"In the Coming Technocracy, there will be no Founding Crimes, only Founding Solutions." - Cyborg Deity Barack Obama Rex

"It will never work, Charlie, because robots cannot hate. This is war, not Facebook." - Gen. Stanley DarkChrystal on Charlie Rose

"Just imagine you're clicking 'Like.'" - Mark Zuckerberg trains new recruits

The police set us free
By enforcing love of Country
Of God and Family
One’s place in Society

Their violence is God’s love
Their violence sets us free
It is a gift to our children
May they be worthy of it

So here’s to the paratroopers
Here’s to the national guard
Here’s to the secret police
To the bodies that pave the road to freedom
And the boots that tread upon them

The hand that throttles can also caress
An iron hand, a velvet hand
An invisible hand in a white glove

The virtuous have nothing to fear
But fear of virtue itself
For the enemies of security
There can be no security

Fallen heroes are not forgotten
A uniform can never die
They live on in the cry of our voices
In every swing of our clubs

So here’s to los Federales
Here’s to i Carabinieri
Here’s to o Esquadrão da Morte
To the bodies that pave the road to peace
And the boots that tread upon them

- Scott Walker (both)

"See you in hell, hick pope!" - Christopher Dorner

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